From Whence and Where

Bellerwood began their musical journey back in 2007 when high school aquaintances, Tim Binder and Dominic Bellantuono, were encouraged by mutual friends to jam. Once their rhythms found each other, the two continued to play together for 5 years, recording two albums and playing some local open mics and backyard gigs.

In 2011/2012 Tim was called to Nashville, TN by his career and desire to live near his brother, who had been in Music City for some time. The two remained close friends and made music together when they got the chance, but it wasn't until 2020 that they realized that through the changing of the seasons and the turn of the earth, this place, Bellerwood, still stands!

The pair are now officially back at it, creating long distance from Nashville to Chicago, and welcoming all walks to come and visit Bellerwood and sample the sonic fruits it has to offer.